Sunday, August 11, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/11/13!

sport [sport]
1. An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess, of a competitive nature, such as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, competitive gaming etc.

EX. eSports are still sports. I've had to make the argument several times that competitive gaming is as much a sport as any other or, at the very least, is as much a sport as darts, bowling, etc. People underestimate the finger agility, hand-eye coordination, and snap decision making that is required to be good at competitive video games.

Furthermore, and this is hardly in debate, the amount of knowledge, skill, and cooperation needed to perform, especially at more competitive levels, has a lot of depth. In a game, like League of Legends, where you're juggling your knowledge of all the characters, your inventory of items, paying attention to the map, completing objectives, and keeping your opponents in check, and so much more, you have to be focused to overcome your opponents. Much like any sport, one big play can change the momentum of the game and set your team on the path for victory. With so many objectives to be accomplished and maintained, the gameplay is constantly shifting from early to mid to late game with various phases, strategies, and a deep metagame as people attempt to find the most efficient ways to outplay the competition.

League of Legends is my preferred poison, as of late, for blowing away hours of times with friends in the quest for success. The fact that the US government has acknowledged my preferred game as a sport by granting an athletic VISA to a pro-player is somewhat validating that I'm not "merely playing a game" no more than any traditional sport is "merely playing a game" (though I won't argue those aren't more physically involved).

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