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So,  a few weeks ago, I decided to share a viral video that otaku, casual anime fans, and other deviants found terribly enticing or just terribly amusing (I found myself in the latter), simply titled "ANIME DO SEXY SWIMMING" OR "THE SWIMMING ANIME"(CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE). A healthy or perhaps unhealthy chunk of the anime fan community threw its weight behind the swimming anime, which was just an animation promo, getting green-lit for an entire series. I suppose the possibility of a cute sports anime with tons of fan service for girls who like guys, guys who like guys, and guys & girls who find some sort of exotic entertainment in seeing something so outside of the norm. Furthermore, the idea of having some new cute/amusing/often bizarre anime internet subculture with it's own fanart, fanfiction, fanpairings, etc. was too obvious for the internet to pass up.

And that's why, much to some people's suprise, the anime got picked up and will air under the title "FREE!" The internet is an amazing place and, in honor of the Japanese flavor out there, I'm gonna share some more Japanese weirdness today for the first "WTF WED! JAPAN" since the first few months of the blog. Enjoy.

The Fuccons is a comedy series about a family of Americans living in metropolitan Japan. The show actually aired on G4 TV, under the name "The Fuccons", but is better known as "Oh! Mikey" in Japan. The show revolves around situational comedy mishaps, but is known to end on non-jokes and dark moments, as well as silly jokes, that give a show about living mannequins an extra layer of creepy, but comical humor. Every episode ends with their sculpted smiles erupting into laughing.

For your viewing pleasure, I found a playlist of episodes, but a simple google search can probably find more. Enjoy.

Okay, so here is your bit of 100% pure I don't even know what is exactly going on in this video, so I'm going to have to do some research....*googles*

Girls und Panzer is about an alternate universe where girls learn the martial art of operating and using tanks. Huh? Okay. That's pretty interesting. I can see this being big draw for the cross-section of fans of anime and military paraphernalia.

As for the Anglerfish Dance, this appears to be a reoccurring phenomena from the show that has reached meme status. Google "Anglerfish Dance" and you will find several clips/videos dedicated to the bizarrely uncomfortable dance and its seemingly haunting/cute/creepy overtones. I can't quite tell if it is a punishment or a ritual of the show's main team called the "Anglerfish Team". More research is needed. Feel free to help me and the other readers out by explaining it in the comments below.

And lo and behold, a bonus in our content? That's right. The internet is already frothing at the mouth to help greenlight another cute anime from a featurette to a series and there is nothing WTF about  this project! It is a charming, well-animated, well-designed, and well-written anime about a trio of friends at a witching school that comes complete with bullies, dungeon-crawling, and some graphic cartoon violence. SHARE and enjoy.

See ya'll next week! Please share, comment, and subscribe!

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