Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/1/13!

double think [duhb-uhl-thingk]
1. The acceptance or existence of two contradictory ideas or beliefs in the same person, organization, philosophy, etc.

EX. "Remember, Pokémon are not tools of war..." Cuz like Pokémon just naturally want to live side by side in harmony and would never turn to violence.

Except when used by Lt. Surge to fight a war with electric Pokémon or when Pokémon fight massive wars against each other or legendary Pokémon cause natural disasters in their conflicts/rivalries or when Pokémon hunt, eat, hurt, poison, paralyze, feed off of, torture, and generally hurt each other with specially "evolved" weapons and tools, etc.

There is a lot of double think in the Pokéverse. Like the moral of Pokémon the First Movie:

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