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Starting this month, I will be trying to pull this blog back to some of its roots. Looking back to last year, I found that my Word of the Day's used to be a lot more in-depth and analytical. In order to continue to improve my blog, and to explore the world of science fiction, fantasy, and story-telling theory, I am going to pursue loftier heights with some of my Word of the Day Articles.

In the future, expect the articles to get a good bit wordier.

Also, expect to see more articles like this as the blog gets bigger to help bring new readers up to date and share some of the best content I have in my archives. Expect a round-up of the more touching/fantastic/bizarre Word of the Days in the future. For example a round up of Pokemon articles, Unicorn articles, and a round-up of my most creative uses of the Word of the Day.

To celebrate this new chapter or milestone or pointless moment in the march forward (or in any relative direction) here are links to some of the more interesting and intellectual Word of the Day's I've done. They are less about creative or funny flights of folly and more analytical. Check them out and make sure to leave comments. Expect the whimsical and the witty.


Technically, this is cheating...except for the fact that the mission statement for my blog focused around defining "nerd" and thus set a standard that words were going to be what this blog lives and dies by. If you wanna see where is tall started, this is it.

This was where Word of the Day really got its heart, I think. I dipped into my past to share my feelings about a subject that once I held so dear. September of last year has the best Word of the Day's ever, in terms of in-depth content. Next? I should probably define "Sasquatch" or the verb "sqautch".


Now, if the Word of the Day started out humbly, it then explodes into an exciting type of article threatening to consume my whole blog like some horrible amoeba made of words and fun.

I am not even going to pretend that one of my favorite subjects to talk about is Star Wars, as I got into a heated and ridiculous nerd rage argument over my friend's off-hand comment that compared the proud and likeable Ewok with the indigestible and offensive Gungans, but to be more specific I love talking about the Prequels. The reason that they make for better conversation is that they're more controversial.

I really need to re-watch me some Naruto Shippuden and Adventure Time. Perhaps what led to my malaise that swept into me between September and now is related to my lack of gumption?

I am hyped for Bioshock Infinite. The original Bioshock game's success, in my opinion, is all in the atmosphere created by the stylish set and character design, the sound cues, the dramatic and lonely score, and a script that could only happen in a video game.

A little light but I did deign it necessary to define this term.

This article spun-off into the most successful theme week I ever pulled off. It all began by detailing a monster that I was fond of, something I should do more often mind you, and tipped off a plethora of inspiration. It inspired...Labyrinth Week.


"Goblin King, Goblin King!" do I love Labyrinth. To simplify things I'm just gonna sum up this week as a whole; pure fan service. The whimsical fantasy films of Jim Henson feel like lost gems to me. Also, I'll take a good puppet over a piece of CG just about any day. And lastly, David Bowie. That is all.

Duh duh duh duh duh etc,! BWAAAAH!

It's pronounced "Hah-guhl".

Ludo is the best friend that every kid wants. The only thing that trumps Ludo is Falcor.

If Sarah teaches us responsibility, Ludo teaches you the values of kindness, Hoggle teaches you the value of friends, then Sir Didymus teaches us the value of courage.


This month saw four looks into the world of DC Super Heroes. I am a DC Guy if anyone is interested. I decided to put these with the story-telling stuff because they represent the same analytical spirit.

"What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?" Super heroes mean something to me on a deeply emotional level. I find the idea that, given super powers, the average person would use super powers to commit nothing but selfish acts. If I had super powers, I would work hard to live up to the standard set up by Clark Kent, the most human of superhuman characters in the DC Universe.

I felt like Booster Gold needed someone to defend him. After reading his story in the original 52 series, I came to be a fan of this character. He is the perfect example of a character that, in the right hands, can be one of the coolest characters in the DC Universe but in the hands of many writers is turned into a selfish cowardly comic foil.

If you want to know how to reboot a character without ruining it, check out the history of the Blue Beetle. That is all.

Fun facts: I am also a Dog person. And I cried a little when I read Krypto's death scene. If you want to know how to be a better person, observe the loyalty and love of a dog.

And thank you for reading...please comment below.
I am implejr, professional nerd.

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