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Upon popular request a couple months ago, I am going to start posting some material for a Star Wars fan story I have been thinking up for about four years with special help from my best friend and cohort Zach Stanifer. Darth Solus belongs to Zach Stanifer.

I will be posting a preview chapter to get some initial readings from you guys soon.

Cemi Station 8

             As the diggers and drills of Cemi Station 6 winded down, the Doonium miners found their way out of their work tunnels and back to their homes. The vibration that filled the ten hour shifts ceased to allow some peace before the Alpha teams continued work where the Beta teams had left off. For most, this was a welcome time of rest, where a man could be with his family or get some rest without the constant hum that shook the asteroid to a rhythmic buzz. Yet, for one young man, the pause disrupted his concentration.

            The young man opened his eyes and peered through the dark. His eyes adjusted, slowly, but he could only make out the general location of the other body in the tunnel by listening for him to breath. He tried to remain still, but six hours of meditation was difficult enough for the thirteen year old to maintain.

            “Master,” the young man called out into dark, “Master, the drilling has stopped.”

            “Hm?” The old man muttered.

            “Master Yawl, have you fallen asleep? The drilling stopped,” the young man repeated and then said, “You said when the drilling stopped you would show me some more magic.”

            “Did I?” Yawl Etuck asked without opening an eye. His ears moving around like radials as he seemed to ignore his apprentice.

            “Master!” The apprentice rose to his feet, impatiently.

           “Alright, alright,” Yawl opened his yellow eyes and peered directly at his apprentice, Will, “I will show you me some magic if you promise not to interrupt me during my meditations, again.”

            Yawl knew very well that Will could hardly keep to such a promise. He could hardly contain he grin across his wizened snout as he heard the other lean on a nearby wall. Will stood head and shoulders above Yawl and, as a matter of fact, all of the Sullustan miners of Cemi Station 6. Yawl knew it was only a matter of time before Will was too tall for these tunnels and they would have to find a new home.

            Will removed his neon orange helmet, his blond hair soaked with sweat; he shook his head to get some air to his scalp. He then sniffed and looked down at his master expectantly, “Master…”

            Yawl smiled at his apprentice’s insistence but warned him, “Patience, Will, patience is what I am trying to teach you, remember?” He tsked, rolling his tongue over his bottom teeth, and sighed, “You will never be able to control your magic if you do not learn patience.”

            “What does patience have to do with magic?” Will asked.


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