Monday, March 12, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 3/12/12

nerd rage [nurd-reyj]
1. An unstoppable fury that builds up in the black cockles of every nerd's heart until it explodes in an often clumsy, destructive, and/or embarrassing outburst over a trivial event.
2. The unearned anger that results from a nerd's sense of entitlement.
3. The deserved result of a film maker or other creative (or arguably) uncreative member of the media's failed attempt at making a franchise produce that doesn't offend its fans.

table-flip [tey-buhl-flip]
1. The violent and inevitable result of a nerd's rage raising to such a boiling point that only a major disruption will diffuse the raging beast within.

EX. I think an example, save the image above and the image below, is unnecessary.

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