Sunday, March 11, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 3/11/12

hulk [huhlk]
1. The body of an old or dismantled ship. 
2. A ship specially built to serve as a storehouse, prison, etc., and not for sea service.
3. A clumsy-looking or unwieldy ship or boat.
4. Abulky or unwieldy person, object, or mass.
5. The shell of a wrecked, burned-out, or abandoned vehicle, building, or the like.
verb (used without object)
6. To loom in bulky form; appear as a large, massive bulk (often followed by up ): The bus hulked up suddenly over the crest of the hill.
7. To lounge, slouch, or move in a heavy, loutish manner.
EX. "Oh bother," the hulking green pudge-muffin let out an exasperate sigh as his chubby emerald bulk plugged the "Werm Hole"with his evergreen posterior.

Hearing the pitiful but husky whimper of the Hulk, the Avengers of Triskelion Wood came to Hank Pym's Science Lab. They all stared at the pistachio green fellow and wondered how they would free his buttox from the nexus.

"Hulk want ham."

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