Thursday, November 3, 2011

Word of the Day! 11/3/11

despondent [dih-spon-duhnt]
1. feeling or showing profound hopelessness, dejection, discouragement, or gloom.

melancholy [mel-uhn-kol-ee]
1. a gloomy state of mind, especially for a prolonged amount of time; depression.
2. sober, thoughtfulness, pensive.
3. Archaic. a. the condition of having too much black bile, considered in ancient and medeivel times to cause glumness and depression.
b. black bile
4. afflicted by, characterized as, or showing melancholy.
5. causing sadness.
6. soberly thoughtful; pensive

EX. Whenever I feel despondent or melancholy, I find the best medicine to be the friendship of others and the completion of some constructive task (from buying something at the store to building a lego kit).

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