Monday, October 31, 2011

WEEKLY ROUND-UP! 10/23- 10/29 2011


Oh, how this Benjamin Dewey's grim and proper tales of the tragic and mostly tragic are terrible amusing to my sentiments. Check out his tumblr or his blog.

Eat all the plants and ants, the birds and turds, the cakes and snakes, the slugs and drugs, the gaters and the haters,the bats and the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, the poodles and noodles, the camels and all the mammals, and always, always eat all the things!

I learned so much from Ren and Stimpy growing up. I hope I wasn't the only one. Or maybe I do. Shrug.

I really have enjoyed my October theme of Who-lloween. It allows me to combine my love of All Hallow's Eve and Time Lords. Last weeks entry reminded us why we are all afraid of the dark.

This was an interesting week for WTF Wednesday that reminded me how Japan is not necessarily the king of kookiness. These totally freaky music videos by Jeremie Perin exploit the horrific and the horrible to create something wholly awesome. Check it out at your own risk.

This weeks Musical Monday allowed me to explore my favorite villain song in Disney history. I think this one stands out because of its incredibly dark and adult themes, mixed with an incredible performance, and just that it is not very over exposed. As a kid, this kind of song's beauty would have escaped me, but now? Its heavenly.

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