Thursday, November 3, 2011



This awesome webcomic from Nathan Staples and Ben Dewey is just awesome. I've just started reading it and it is about a gnome and his companions (trolls and an elf chick) going on an adventure. It is hilarious and awesome, the best mix of good D & D and everything it can get its grubby awesome paws on.
The 10 Most Explosively Masculine Captain Kirk Battle Techniques

Believe it or not, yelling out the name of your opponent is not in this list. But that is only because it transcends being on this list.

To quote myself the other day, "Doctor Who is like the best version of God condensed into a human-like (Timelord-like) body."

 There is about a dozen reasons why this 20 minute sketch is both funny and awesome. It literally points out all the problems with the pre- Russel Davies years Doctor Who series. It undermines some of the sheer ridiculousness of the concepts of time travel, bad guys who don't just kill the hero, and regeneration. Mostly? Stephen Moffat wrote the sketch and it stars Rowan Atkinson, Jonathan Pryce and about five actors who were all rumored to play the Doctor at various points. Fun Fact: Hugh Grant was offered the role of the Doctor and passed it up (he regretted this misstep but I don't).


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