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There is something special about Halloween. It could be the soursweet smell of candy corn or the ring of your doorbell with an inevitable, "Trick or Treat!" I believe it is the spirit of embracing the horrific with a laugh. Children, young and old, dress up as the ghastliest of ghouls from poltergeists to politicians or as their favorite characters from Disney Princesses to Doctor Who.

Doctor Who's greatest strength is that, because its a show about an alien and his human companions traveling through time and space, there is no limit to the kind of story that can be told. The best Doctor Who stories involve the strange and terrible monsters that combine the best elements of horror. British parents tell their children how they used to hide behind the couch when the Daleks came on TV but  they lack the same punch. Sure, Daleks are a great match for the Doctor, but it is hard to be scared of them. They're basically a mix between Marvin the Martian, R2 D2 and wasps (What? If wasps could they would "exterminate" every living thing on Earth). The scariest Doctor Who villains are the ones who hold the mystery.

So, to celebrate Halloween I will talk about the scariest monsters of the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors. This week, we have our last entry for Who-lloween:

Appearances: Series 6 (2011): The Impossible Astronaut TRAILER/ Day of the Moon TRAILER

Powers: These mysterious parasites have several notable abilities. The most potent is that when a person looks away from them, they immediately forget that they saw them. The Silence use this ability to put subliminal messages in the heads of humans through post-hypnotic suggestion. They also have the ability to absorb energy and release it in violet bursts. They have other abilities but not much else is known about them.

Weaknesses: They are quiet, stealthy and cruel creatures BUT can be killed by any means that could kill a human (gun wounds, stabbings etc. are all effective).

Motive: To take over the Earth and to destroy the Doctor. But why? Its a mystery.

Catchphrases: "...You should kill us all on sight!"
"Silence will fall."
"Look behind you."

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