Friday, November 4, 2011


Awkward Zombie is just another video game comic is like saying Hamlet is just another revenge play. (I love both of those things if anyone is asking). I don't remember the exact moment I put Katie Tiedrich's delightful web-comic in my bookmark folder under "EVERYDAY" (I'm an organizational dork who actually bookmarks every single webpage that he looks at and would even possibly conceive of sharing or revisiting AND the EVERYDAY folder is where I put the fifteen or so websites that I check on at least five times a day).

Since I just finished a rather silly rant about my organization, lets talk about Awkward Zombie. I found this web-comic over the summer and, in one setting, read every single page aloud with my friend Zach (seriously if you've never tried reading a comic aloud you're doing something wrong). During the first hundred comics, it focuses a lot of Super Smash Bros. and diversified into covering everything from World of Warcraft to Pokemon to Pikmin to Mass Effect. The cartoon style of Tiedrich is delightful and every panel is stuffed with awesome. I really can't say much more than if you like video games READ THIS COMIC.

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