Friday, October 7, 2011

Word of the Day. 10/711

misanthrope [mis-uhn-throhp, miz-uhn-throhp]
1. a hater of humankind.

sociopath [soh-seeuh-path]
1. a person whose behavior is anti-social and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or a social conscience.

ultraviolence [uhl-truh-vahy-uh-lehnt]
1. acts of random, brutal, and/or vicious abuse or assault.

EX. A Clockwork Orange's Alex is the perfect example of a likeable misanthropic sociopath. Despite committing acts of "ultraviolence", including rape, Alex is so charismatic, and so entertaining, and the state is so oppressive, that by the end of the film you side with the disturbed anti-hero.

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