Monday, October 3, 2011


Musical Monday!

Hello, my name is Brother Nerd and I would like to share with you The Book of Mormon (The Musical). It's a musical about the American Christian religion based on the Prophecies of a prophet "with a little Donny Osman" flair, Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is premier Broadway musical of the creators of South Park, Matt Parker and Trey Stone. But don't worry, it is far less offensive than their usual stuff (which I love with a passion) and has been shown to Mormon audiences with a generally positive reaction. 

It is a fantastic show that tells the story of two Mormon youths going on a Mission to live with a Uganda tribe, how the experience changes the tribe and how the boys' experiences change their lives, as well.

It is a brilliant and hilarious show that has a simple message, that religions can be a force for good but we shouldn't take it too seriously. I recommend this show to anyone who is a Mormon, has been Mormon, knows Mormons or just loves musicals.

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