Sunday, October 2, 2011

WEEKLY ROUND-UP 9/25-10/1 2011

Chimera Week

This picture combines elements of the two most infamous fantasy universes of all time and pits the wizard of one story against the diabolical obstacle of another. Every time I see Gandalf face off against the Balrog, I shiver and replacing him with Yoda is a brilliant bit of fanart creativity. This also helped mark the continuation of my less essay styled Word of the Day articles that free up some time in a school schedule that is driving me nuts.

Conan the Barbarian (1986) is one of my favorite films, but I hadn't seen it until last year. Why did I decide to check out the film that I (for some odd reason, being a fan of Schwarzenegger and sword & sorcery) had no interest in before last year? The Kaplan Bros. made an incredible musical medley of the soundtrack with Conan singing over it on youtube. I rented it and fell in love with the film and the soundtrack- which is my favorite film soundtrack (as of right now).

I finally reviewed the Cage film I had planned to review for a few weeks. I'm on a bit of a Nic Cage maybe I'll review Drive Angry for this week.

Got a little emo on my stuff I think about this week but, honestly, I think it was tongue and cheek enough to be amusing and maybe a little touching. I hope. If not, tell me? Tell me if it came of a little too "How could this happen to me? I made no mistakes." Etc.

I got to talk about one of history's biggest and most controversial badasses. I am a huge history nerd, though I prefer content over exact dates/names, and love to tell a ridiculous but true story.

The fourth chapter in my serial style novel. This week I introduced an even more fantastic character and forced all of the other characters introduced into one room. Finally, we understand why they've been brought to Doktham and can see that we won't be leaving the dark depths of the Underwold for a good long time. On the note of Lucius, this character is far more dubious than the other heroes introduced so far and I hope I got his perverse observations across nicely. This chapter is dedicated to my friend Zach Stanifer, who has played Lucius in my main campaign for nearly a year.

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