Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DAILY ROUND-UP! 10/4/2011

So dang tired...check out these "flash backs" AKA internet things I've saved links to over the years.

My only caveat for a new Hollywood Godzilla movie would be
1. No Matthew Broedrick (sorry).
2. No stupid scenes where a huge ass lizard manages to lose a couple of helicopters.
3.Godzilla better have atomic breath.
4. There should only be one godzilla.
5. No baby godzillas.
6. No "That's a lot of fish!"

Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords just got a release for DSi and 3DS, for FREE, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Zelda. If you got a DSi or 3DS download this awesome game. It'll be free until February.

I discovered this incredible animated film earlier this year after watching a review from Nostalgia Chick. It truly is a lost classic and has some fantastic animation, characters and takes a lot of risks. My favorite thing to do is watch the movie and mock what an obnoxiously snob the Unicorn is and this sing pretty much encapsulates why she is the most annoying character in the film.

Doesn't get much better than Tobuscus doing these awesome literal trailers of these video game trailers. WIN.

"I love all you ponies. Except for Ponita! Who is a ridiculous pony!"

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