Sunday, September 25, 2011

WEEKLY ROUND-UP! 9/18-9/24 2011

Labyrinth Week

 I loved this little experiment where, rather than writing a full essay, I just played with the words for a funny example. A little lazy? Yes? But fun? Definitely.

A little anecdotal and with little analysis of Sir Didymus, but to be honest there was little to analyze. I like the message of this word of the day and hope someone out there still believes in my version of chivalry.


David Bowie's performance of Jareth is a lot more interesting than most people give it credit for. It really is the most important factor in the movie's win power after Henson's awesome puppetry. 

 I got to see Christopher Nolan's fantastic film Memento for the second time at my film class the Saturday before last and really enjoyed it. The first time I watched the film I really didn't give it a fair shake and was distracted by other things going on. 

A follow up to the word of the day on 9/17, I just had to give Labyrinth the respect it deserved. This word of the day really reminded me of how much I love great 80's films like the Labyrinth. I was surprised by what I was able to discern from the film that I had not thought of before.

This week I got to write a chapter about Ryjac, a drow ranger and member of the Black Hands. I really enjoyed writing this chapter because this book in the Action Society lore has a lot to do with Ryjac because she is a native of the setting. Her family and city is on the line. 

I really think Pokemon blogs are a lot of fun to do and I think they're probably going to be a great hook to attract new readers to my blog. On Wednesday I got to talk about the original Mutha F***er Gary Oak! Check it out.

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