Wednesday, June 18, 2014


So, Watch_Dogs has been the most hyped video game since 2012 and who can blame gamers for falling for the hype?

Look at the first gameplay footage.

Gamers were promised a next generation experience that was only truly possible on a powerful PC or next generation console. Unfortunately, the graphics delivered in the final product were, while fine compared to other games, paled in comparison to what had been previously advertised... Furthermore, the gameplay (as I predicted) is the recycled and retrofitted gameplay of Assassin's Creed into a city setting with terrible driving mechanics (driving missions are prevalent) and a bland milktoast story. So what happened?

Modders discovered that the graphic settings used for E3 2012 can still be found in the PC version's code. This means that the graphical features, like weather effects and lighting, that had blown away the audience back in 2012 are actually hidden in the game. Why?

Also, why couldn't they have hid a better game in the code like Mario Kart 8? *slam dunk*

Hey kids! Are you excited for an original PSA on smoking? I'LL SAY! Oops! I left capslock on! How embarrassing!

I didn't really have many friends that lived nearby when I was a kid/teen so Summer was usually the longest, loneliest and most boring part of my childhood. The happier memories involve visiting relatives and doing stuff with my family. The rest of my summer was usually spent watching TV, reading books, or being bored. Sometimes, nostaglia blows.

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