Thursday, June 19, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 6/19/14!

hircine [hur-sayn]
1. Of or pertaining to a goat or goat-like qualities.
2. Having a goat-like odor.
3. Lustful; libidinous.

EX. Goat Simulator is one of those games that you're either going to love or hate. It is a very silly, very dumb and somewhat glitchy experience. Personally, I love it.

The hircine delight has divided many gamers. If we're being literal and frank, the game began as, essentially, a tech demo made as a joke. It is, essentially, a glitchy skateboarding game where they took out the skateboarder and replaced him/her with a goat. In the game, there are no real objective or storyline. You simply explore the map, find secrets and glitches, and wreck up the place. The game doesn't really give you anything to do. Everything relies on your input entirely.

Essentially, you create the fun and amusement you have in watch Goat Simulator. This is why it is often fun to watch Let's Plays of the game by youtube entertainers. Nothing directs you what to do, there are no real tutorials, or directions besides the controls. The player makes an experience custom to their decisions.

The game is a comedy sandbox.

If you wanna better put explanation of this idea (my eyes are strained so I'm somewhat rushing this article), make sure to check out the PBS video at the header "Is Goat Simulator brilliant or stupid?"

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