Friday, April 18, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 4/18/14! (LoL Update!)

brawny [braw-nee]
1. Strong, muscular.

EX. Who is the brawny man with the mustache and a soft spot for Poros? Well, all evidence seems to point toward him being the newest champion coming to the League of Legends, presumed to be named "Braum". Most speculation points the muscular mustachioed macho man being the much-needed support addition that we've been waiting for this year.

 He isn't Poro-Poro the Wonder Poro, but I think any champion that puts his life on the line for poros and comes to the League with two big beefy arms to give bear hugs to his ADC is a welcome addition to the ever-growing cast of characters in the game.

Perhaps the concept was inspired, or just a happy coincidence, by this hilarious comic and concept for a champ named "Angus".

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