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poro [por-oh]
1. League of Legends. A native beast to the Freljord, these fluff balls are seemingly harmless and useless. If the creatures found on the Howling Abyss are fed Poro-Snax Biscuits, they will grow larger until, after eating ten biscuits, will pop into 7 or 8 poro-lings.

And, if I still have your attention (after Part 1 and Part 2), I want to talk about the strongest League champ concept I've thought of so far; Poroporo the Wonder Poro.

Poroporo was a small Poro. But not just the smallest Poro in the adorable explosion that spawned his siblings. Poroporo was the smallest Poro in all of the Freljord. All of the other Poros used to laugh and call Poroporo names. After all, a tiny Poro like Poroporo would never be given any Poro Snax by the terrifying tourists of the Howling Abyss. Then, Nunu tried to eat all of the Poros in Howling Abyss! But Poroporo didn't run around in circles. Poroporo bit Nunu's butt! Nunu ran away from the Abyss on a rampage and neither he nor his little buddy could remove the pest. Poroporo was small but tough! Eventually, they got an Ice Witch to remove the pest but, so inspired by its courage, she took him as a pet and began fattening the little munchkin up. She also enchanted it so that Poroporo would always come back together after popping and eventually Poroporo became the biggest Poroporo in the land... but he still hungered for Yeti and somehow managed to find his way into the Summoner's Rift as the seemingly dopiest champion of all time!

I'm aware the story could be better, but this was improved in about ten minutes...

Poroporo is a melee support champ with a secondary role as a fighter. PP is a tank with the ability to protect lane partners as a living shield.

Poroporo's Passive, Nomnom, which would allow PP to grow and gain a stack of Nomnom every time that it uses a consumable (PP has to finish using a healing potion, mana potion, or biscuit to gain a stack). Every time it grows/gains a stack, PP gains defensive stats like health, armor, and magic resistance. Poroporo can have a max of eight stacks. When PP dies, PP loses half of PP's stacks.

Nomnom is a flavorful passive that can be worked into almost all of PP's abilities.

Poroporo's Q is Nog Launch, allowing PP to dash forward and knock up and away all champs in a target area.

Nog Launch is PP's bread and butter ability that gives him a ton of disruption.

Poroporo's W is Chomp Chomp. It is a targeted melee attack where Poroporo bites an enemy minion or champ and roots them for a very short period. If not reactivated, PP will become attached to an enemy champ and gain a stack of Nomnom until the ability is reactivated or PP is disrupted/killed. While attached, the champ is slowed.

This ability allows PP to seek out a single target and stay on target.

Poropro's E is Love Puddles and has two uses: a Passive that allows him to also grow every time that he gains a level.
Love Puddles is an activated aura that heals all nearby champions and PP. It drains PP's mana over time. It also gives a small boost to nearby champion MR and Armor based on the number of Nomnom stacks that PP has.

A good support ability that give Poroporo's allies sustain.

Poroporo's R is Poro-Splosion! PP's Ult has PP explode in AoE knocks back allies, enemies, minions, and monsters. PP becomes a swarm of little targetable Poros with increased move speed and attack speed that all act as one unit. The number of Poros is equal to Poroporo's stack of Nomnom. If PP had no stacks, activating R gives PP four stacks of Nomnom. Each of the little Poros has decreased Armor and MR and, if they die, PP loses a stack of Nomnom. By reactivating Poro-Splosion or dying, Poroporo becomes a single target again and returns to normal.

This ability is a great initiate and opens up all sorts of position possibilities. Combined with PP's Q and W, PP can work as a great Jungle.

And, for the first skin, I think it would be fun to have a two-pack! A Mr. and Ms. Poro pack with skins based on Mr. and Ms. Pacman! This not only plays off of the cute glutton theme of Poroporo, it also plays off of the gender neutral theme and the general body shape. It's pretty clever, in my humble opinion.

What do you think of this champ concept? I think it would be a good addition for three reasons:

1. Poros are a creature unique to League of Legends and everyone loves them/

2. Poroporo would be the least humanoid champion ever. This sort of creative addition would add some diversity to the roster.

3. His ability suite is familiar but uniquely PP's own. A disruptive melee tank that focuses on zoning and chasing would be fun.

I'd love to get some feedback on this rather light concept.

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