Monday, April 14, 2014


Made by Joel C. and Studio Yotta, this beautifully animated video takes a decent bit of Starbomb's work and elevates it into something truly memorable. To be honest, most Zelda fans have all seen this joke before, so the extra effort put into the animation, Egoraptor's hilarious delivery, and Danny's sweet over-the-top crooning really puts it over the top.

My job, almost inevitably, winds up making me tire of every holiday long before anyone should have to be over exposed to the imagery and consumerism related to the holiday-- I've spent dozen of hours since Valentine's ended stocking Easter Candy and I have a whole week left of that to go-- but Easter isn't a major buzzkill like getting tired of Christmas. Cuz it is Easter. And almost no one really gives a half a crap about Easter.

Well, looks like Ultra Rapid Fire is saying "cya later, nerds" to all the try-hards and riding off into the sunset on a Hecarim made of tears of bronze and diamond players alike that Riot hasn't tasted since they killed the game mode's namesake.

GGWP. Should have banned horse.

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