Sunday, September 22, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 9/22/13!

Today is gonna be a special Word of the Day. Today, childrens, we're gonna learn how to count to ten in Japanese. Let's start by counting to ten in kanji, then in English and then phonetically!


Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, Go, Roku, Nana, Hachi, Kyuu, Juu!

1. "eechee",  2. "nee", 3. "sahn", 4. "yahn", 5. "goh", 6. "rohkoo", 7. "nahnah", 8. "hachee", 9. "kyoo", 10. "jyoo"!

Let's review:

Pictured at the top of the screen are the bijuu. They are the nine-tailed beasts from the Naruto series created by the Sage of the Six Paths when he defeated a beast called the "十尾” or "juubi". All of the tailed beasts have tails or, in Japanese, "尾" or "bi" (pronounced "bee") means tail.

Shukaku looks like a tanuki. Like Tom Nook from Animal Crossing. Pay your debts, children!

Shukaku is the ichibi/一尾. Shukaku has one tail. Ichibi means "one tail". "Ichi"/"一" means "one"!

Matatabi looks like a cat, especially a Japanese mythical cat with two-tails called the bakeneko. Good cat. Pretty cat.

Matatabi is the nibi/二尾. Matatabi has two tails. Nibi means "two tails". "Ni"/"二" means "two"!

Isobu looks like turtle-mullusc abomination. Poor Isobu. Nobody invites him to parties. But that's okay. Because he is a sea-monster and sea-monsters do not make good party guests. Poor Kraken.

Isobu is the sanbi/三尾. Isobu has three tails. Sanbi means "three tails". "San"/"三" means "three"!

Son Goku looks like a gorilla with horns and four tails. He breaths fire- FIRE BURNS! AUGH! FRANKENSTEIN! NO LIKE FIRE! FIRE BAD!

Son Goku is the yonbi/四尾. Son Goku has four tails. Yonbi means "four tails". "Yon"/"四" means "four"!

Kokuo looks like a horse. Pet me horse! Pet me horse! Pet me horse! Not that horse!

Kokuo is the gobi/五尾. Kokuo has five tails. Gobi means "five tails". "Go"/"五" means "five"!

Saiken is a giant slug. Don't put salt on slugs or they will drivel up and die. Nature is both gross and cruel.

Saiken is the rokubi/六尾. Saiken has six tails. Rokubi means "six tails". "Roku"/"六" means "six"!

Chomei resembles a "kabutomushi" or rhinoceros beetle. Rhinoceros beetles are not very funny. Did you know rhinoceros's cannot go backwards? They're also said to hate fire so much that they stamp them out if theu see one. Watch out Son Goku!

Chomei is the nanabi/七尾. Chomei has seven tails. Nanabi means "seven tails". "Nana"/"七" means "seven"!

Gyuuki is based on the "ushi-oni", a type of Japanese demon that resembled a sea creature but has a cow's head. He resembles an octopus with a cow's head. He is not a squid. Octopus have eight tentacles, but squids onlyu have six. Japanese people are weird

Gyuuki is the hachibi/八尾. Gyuuki has eight tails. Hachibi means "eight tails". "Hachi"/"八" means "eight"!

Kurama is a nine-tailed fox. Like the tanuki, the nine-tailed fox or "kitsune", they are shape-shifting tricksters in Japanese folklore. Ninetails is also the name of a Pokémon. But you probably don't like Pokémon. It's for babies! I used to like Pokémon but, after overhearing some older kids, I've discovered that Pokémon is in fact "gay". I've never heard the term "gay" but I'm gonna use it for everything now.

Kurama is the kyuubi/九尾. Kurama has nine tails. Kyuubi means "nine tails". "Kyuu"/"九" means "nine!"

Shinjuu is mindless other worldly eldritch being of chaos and destruction. Cthulhu would be proud if he wasn't also a mindless eldritch being of chaos and destruction. CTHULHU CTHULHU!

Shinjuu is the juubi/十尾. Juubi has ten tails. Juubi means "ten tails". "Juu"/"十" means "ten".
And that's how you count to ten Japanese, children! Next week's lesson is on how to say "hotdog". "HOTTODOGGU!"



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