Monday, September 23, 2013


I really wanna be playing GTA V right now. I love GTA; the satire of American excess ironically diffused through a game that follows the philosophy of entertainment through an excess of enjoyable content; it's unique and awesome. There are many imitators and some, like the Saint's Row series, are pretty interesting piece of media, in their own right, but none quite measure up to Rockstar's signature franchise.

Well, since I can't quite afford to enjoy the game, I'll enjoy Dan Bull's latest rap inspired by the game.

Something a lot of young people are going to be nostalgic for in our adult years is the anime/manga boom that hit the US back in the 2000's. We started on Saturday Morning Anime shows, then Toonami and moved up to watching Adultswim's anime. Then anime DVDs showed in every entertainment store and bookstores had manga/graphic novel sections. In that decade, anime and manga became bigger than it had ever been in the US.

Yet, if we're being honest, while anime and manga are still pretty big, it isn't the same and we're getting older. It's not really that acceptable for us to have screen posters and figurines. Some of us, including myself, will still have special connections to franchises we will attach to our teenage years for life.

The anime series that I connect most with my teenage years? FLCL.

What about you?

You've all been there, right? You're walking through the jungle, maybe chasing someone or running away or just trying to put down wards and then....BOOM! "GODDAMN TEEMO! STUPID SHROOMS! SONUVABITCH! I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!"

Teemo is one of the most iconic and polarizing characters in League of Legends. His kit is pretty unique; by focusing on a mix of stealth, map control, and on-hit effects, Teemo is the sort of champion the demands counterplay. If you don't have someone keeping him in check, putting down pink wards, using oracle's, etc. Teemo will control the map with his deadly shrooms, sneak up to snipe kills, and then flee practically unscathed.

And that's why Teemo is one of the most beloved and most maligned champs ever.

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