Friday, August 30, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/30/13!

PAX [pax]
1. The Penny Arcade Expo, a game convention created by the authors of the Penny Arcade Comic, in Seattle, Washington in 2004, because they wanted to give equal attention to console, computer, and tabletop gamers. Other cities that hold the convention are Boston, Massachusetts and Melbourne, Australia. The convention in Seattle is referred to as "PAX Prime".

EX. This year will be the very first four day PAX Prime and my good friend Steven "AceofSpadesCard" Pullam is attending. I wish him good luck and hope he has a lot of fun. I also hope he isn't mistaken as a Titan by anime fans and attacked with a series of wire-work using teenagers.

He already sent this awesome picture of a Ziggs sculpture on display to our gamer clan, NuFu, on GroupMe.

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