Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/27/13!

not even close baby
1. League of Legends Slang. One of the most popularly quoted catchphrases of videogamedunkey, the phrase it typed in all chat when a player escapes an otherwise deadly encounter with another player/s, especially if they barely escaped with little health or actually managed to get their pursuers killed in the process.

EX. There are a lot of moments in League of Legends where you barely escape an otherwise deadly ult, gank, or other maneuver from the enemy. My favorite ones are when you either fight your enemies under turret and end up getting both of them killed with a sliver of health left or, even more satisfying, running right behind your tanks, turning, and getting a triple kill while they hold them in place for your "one hit and your dead" ass.

implejr: Not even close baby!

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