Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/28/13!

imagination [ih-maj-ih-nehy-shun]
1. A highly addictive and widely available drug, especially amongst children and creative types, that stimulates original, creative, and/or bizarre ideas.

EX. I really hate it when people insult the creativity of individuals, if not people in general, by the suggestion that every amazing or unusual idea is somehow related to the use of drugs. This sort of connection has been drawn between artists, musicians, writers, and their works for decades now and, though not for completely off-base reasons, seems to insult the creative minds of people. It insinuates that no one is capable of unusual or subversive thought without the assistance of a drug to bring them to an alternate state of mind rather than creative people capable of altering their state of mind through stimulation and exposure to the unusual, meditation to concentrate on a subject, or natural creativity from a lifetime of thinking outside of the box.

Imagination is a powerful tool and, if necessity is the mother of invention, imagination is the womb of all ideas.

Just to give an example of the sort of thoughts you can have without drugs, this is something I suggested to my friend last night after we talked/joked about a variety of things through Facebook:

"I think you could beat up Chuck Norris if you were both naked and you were armed with a chain.
[I think I just had a small stroke.]

It would be a fight of the ages set the Flash Gordon soundtrack.

 And you'd be like "Texas walk out of this shit!" As you knock him off the platform into a blackhole beneath you. Then you'd get to marry the Spider Queen.

 "I, Cameron Saunders, just beat a guy who defeated a bear by staring at him!"

Then you'd hop on a flying stingray with the Spider Queen giving you like six handjobs at once as you fly off into the sunset while Morgan Freeman narrates...
'I never saw Cameron again. The Spider Queen probably killed and ate him after he got sex. But at least he probably fucked all eight of her vaginas. Probably got anal too. At least, that's what I like to think.' "

That's pretty much the most awesome death I've ever come up with for anyone. Usually, my characters get really ignoble deaths. Like getting killed by lightning on a golf course and the only witnesses being a Japanese guy who doesn't speak enough English to understand what your last words were for your wife. And I don't drink or do drugs. I just do a lot of imagination.

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