Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 8/6/13!

bandwagon [band-wag-ehn]
1. A party, cause, or movement that due to mass appeal, strength, etc. attracts many followers.

EX. I didn't get into Pokémon because my friends were into Pokémon. I got in Pokémon after seeing it on TV and getting a copy of this:

Without even playing the games, I was obsessed with little monsters, learning all I could about them, drawing them, etc. I had no friends at the time. I had just moved, again (Navy brat), but it didn't take long to discover everyone else was into Pokémon as much as I was. I watched the anime, bought a few cards, toys, games, etc. It was amazing. Then, all of the sudden, everyone who had been enjoying the phenomena seemed to turn on it. I wonder what causes such a thing to happen? Is it human nature to jump on bandwagons? I prefer bandwagons that get people to do things they enjoy over bandwagons that get people to do stop doing things they enjoy and judge others... For a short while, we all had something in common and we all had friends. That's pretty special.

Ukinojoe keeps surprising me with his 90s Nick commentary.

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