Sunday, June 23, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 6/23/13!

tumbling [tum-bling]
1.  The act, practice, or art of performing acrobatic moves, usually on a mat or the ground.

EX. Since the introduction of skills into Dungeons and Dragons, there has been a disconnect between players and the mechanic. Redundancy and over-complication of the skill system is mostly a problem because, with nearly 30 skills, it is easy to overlook or misunderstand the use of these would-be simple abilities. One skill that is particularly overlooked by all but rogues is tumble-- there is a reason that in other games they rename the skill dodge or consolidate jump and tumble into acrobatics--because a) most people don't know, at a glance, what tumble does, b) you would think that someone good at tumbling would be good at jumping, and c) dodge is a skill that immediatly gets across the message and is clearly useful.

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