Saturday, May 25, 2013


Today we're talking about a trio of adorable 2nd Generation Grass/Flying Pokémon that the animators of the official anime and films apparently love (since they make a lot of cameos). These little cottonweed or, as we call them in the U.S., dandelion Pokémon are delightful little puffballs that go with the flow and travel by wind.

The first stage in the evolution of the trio, Hoppip, is clearly of the older design style from the first two generations. The simplicity of it's Jigglypuff-like frame, cat ears, and blank stare are a little bland. It makes up for the simple design with the whimsical nature of its existence and the use of it's two large helicopter blade leaves to help it buzz about it in the wind.

Skiploom is also simple, but gets extra points for not being pink and instead being a very bright green shade appropriate to its theme. If Hoppip carries the leafy exterior of the cottonweed plant in its design, then Skiploom has the lovely dandelion flower that almost makes you feel guilty before you cut the grass and put down weedkiller.

Representing the final stage of the dandelion life cycle, you'd imagine that blowing the spores off of Jumpluff would grand you three wishes (sorta like the old blowing dandelions in one breath granting wishes in childish games). Much like Whimsicott, the cotton/wool themed predecessor of these puffballs, Jumpluff excels at annoying opponents with a series of brutal and fast (it has a speed of 700 when taking advantage of Sunny Day and it's ability Chlorophyll) status afflictions ranging from Stun Spore to Sleep Powder to Toxic.

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