Saturday, May 18, 2013


#489 Phione & #490 Manaphy

In Generation 1, there were five Legendary Pokémon if you include Mew (six if you include Arcanine, but that just makes you a know-it all nerdwad). In the proceeding four generations (and including the two new ones for X & Y announced so far), we were introduced to an additional forty-five legendary Pokémon. That's right. We know of FIFTY legendary Pokémon before the release of Generation 6..

And, to be frank, many fans, including myself, have become fatigued by this. Almost 8% of Pokémon species are legendary. Does every generation need legendary Pokémon? Yes. But do we really need over a dozen in a generation with multiple forms? HELL NO. I'm putting my foot down and today we're talking about my very least favorite type of Legendary Pokémon. The vague formless childish fairy type of Legendary made to sell movie tickets and plushies today we're talking about Phione and Manaphy.


Oh what a playful sprite! Look it makes childish faces without any sort of cultural context to learn a cartoonish display, but who cares cuz it's for kids. Look how vague, disturbing, and cute it is! Seriously! How random is this thing's design!?

Alrighty, now lemme talk about what's okay with it's design... Nothing. Nothing at all. There is nothing about this design that inspires anything but boredom in me. But, um, its kind of cool cuz like it looks like a random alien or something. Fun fact? The only way to get Phione is through breeding Manaphy with Ditto. Manaphy is the only Legendary Pokémon that can evolve and Phione is the only legendary that can evolve.

Literally, every picture I found of Manaphy (more or less) was of the disgusting creature hugging many an anime fan's secret under-age crush May (I don't have any such crushes, luckily). It was the "star" of it's own film and all I remember was there were pirates.

Besides being a terribly bland Water type (which I think has "over-saturated" the franchise), it at least has a decent ability, Hydration, that works with Rain Dance teams and apparently it can sweep teams if someone isn't prepared for at least it's competitive? But, sorry guys, I can't like any bland legendary that can only breed with Ditto. Today really has been a Phione/Manaphy "who gives a crap about Pokémon design" sorta day...


  1. I know I'm 2 years too late, but...

    I heard these Pokemon were modeled after the clione, an Arctic sea slug nicknamed the "sea angel." It looks kind of pretty as it flutters its winglike feet...but then opens a tendriled mouth to catch prey!

    IMO it would have been cool if the Pokemon ate like that, but then plushies wouldn't sell. It would be "too scary" for the children.

    1. That's actually really neat trivia! Thanks! And that would be creepy!