Wednesday, June 6, 2012



 Eagleheart was a must-see from the first trailer I watched and it really came down to two huge factors; the show is a satire of 90's over the top super cop shows, specifically, Walker: Texas Ranger (starring Chuck Norris) and it starred an actor I've seen pull off funny performances in so many weird places, Chris Elliot. 

The show is about Chris Monsanto, a US Marshal that fights crime alongside dim-witted Brett (Brett Gelmen) and by-the-book Susie (Maria Thayer). In  a constant war against criminals, from art smugglers to evil-twin con artists, Chris will use ultra-violence at the levels that would make just about anyone cringe to kill anyone in his way.

The episode that really captured my attention and screams out as a perfect example of a good episode, is Episode 3 of the 1st Season, "Master of Da' Skies", where Chris discovers a shocking loophole in local law. In the sky, there are no laws and "The Baron" rules this criminal overworld from his flying zeppelin "Cloudtopia." The response of Chris? Extremely violent vigilante warfare on the criminals who think they can escape the long hairy arm of the law.

Eagleheart is probably the most promising live-action show to come to Adult Swim that I've ever seen. It is currently rocking out its second season and I have high hopes that it'll hit its third.

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