Thursday, June 7, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 6/7/12.

Darth [dahrth]
1. Sci-Fi/Fantasy. In the fictional Star Wars universe, it is the traditional title of a Sith Lord or Master, the first part of the new name they take on. It was once believed to be a condensed version of 'Dark Lord of the Sith', and thus the reason for the title. In Star Wars, the title is taken on by most villainous force users as an official title, alongside a nefarious sounding moniker.

Time Lord [tahym-lawrd]
1. Sci-Fi/Fantasy. A fictional extraterrestrial race and civilization of humanoids in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, of which the series' main character, the Doctor, is a member. Also, called Gallifreyans, in reference to their home planet of Gallifrey, these advanced aliens are one of the oldest species in the universe and are called "time lords", because of their mastery of time and space. Physically, their outward appearance is identical to humans, but, despite their similarities, Gallifreyans have marked differences. The most obvious difference is that they have twice as many organs of the average human, as well as, a much larger brain. The average Gallifreyan is more reslient, heals much faster, needs far less sleep, etc. They're generally superior in all manners physical and mental, but their most astonish unique ability is their incredible "regeneration" ability.

While, a Gallifreyan ages much slower than a human, if a Gallifreyan is terminally ill they can choose to regenerate. This process sets up a violent and complete metamorphosis that affects their whole bodies and makes them into a completely new person (usually younger in appearance). Each new regeneration brings a new face, a new personality, and other new quirks, but with all of the old experiences.

 For these reasons, Gallifreyans are often considered amongst the most immortal beings in the universe and feared/respected across time and space.

Yet, presumably lost in the Time War, only one subject is believed to still exist.

Darth Vader had honed his senses in meditation to reach out to the the ship and search for an unprotected mind. He was sure that the Togruta jedi would be on that ship. The infiltrators had been feeding him tips that one of the Moffs was hiding a jedi on a Empire craft. This betrayal would be dealt with; he would enjoy throwing the Moff out of an airlock or watching him squirm as he choked the life from his body. What color does a Chiss's face turn when force choked?

He didn't announce his presence directly. No need to set off any alarms and give the jedi a chance to escape. He entered a code into his ship's console and, as the loading bay door opened, he landed softly. Vader concealed his rage under a cold seal; jedi had escaped after sensing his emotions before and he would not make the same mistake. He knew the ship like the back of his prosthetic hand; he had overseen the plans on this smaller model himself. He set a small droid to work hacking into the ship and locking down all exits. There would be no escape now and the mind he had touched with the force had given him all the direction he needed.

The Dark Lord of the Sith marched down the hall, stormtroopers stepping quickly aside as he passed by, and hailing the giant. He turned a corner and heard footsteps, small, running quickly around the corner. He sped up, using the force to quicken his pace, and knew he would soon be on his prey, no matter how fast she ran.

Meanwhile, the Doctor had been trying to make the TARDIS take himself and his companions to Tatooine; they had been talking about Earth music and he wanted to show them this neat little cantina, in Mos Eisley, where the universe's greatest klooist was said to play with a full Bith band and he tried to show them their best song on his own kloo, but apparently he had forgotten how to play over the last regeneration. Unfortunately, the TARDIS had instead decided to land in a cargo bay of an Empire ship. He gave his companions a couple of Empire uniforms and told them to stand around the TARDIS, inspecting things, while he tried to discover the source of the energy that brought the TARDIS here.

The Doctor found it when he came around a corner to find a Togruta woman, and her child, cowering in a corner. He bent down,"Are you two alright?"

Just as the child pointed behind the Doctor, he heard something fast coming his way, and turned pulling out his Sonic Screwdriver and, just in time, as Darth Vader had just caught up with the Togruta and had pulled out his lightsaber.

"MOVE ASIDE. THE WOMAN AND CHILD ARE ENEMIES OF THE EMPIRE." Darth Vader pulled a light saber from belt and a red beam of energy shot out of the weapon, ending a couple feet from the handle. Usually, this would've forced a brave man to run, but the strangely dressed human just took a more firm stance and held his own strange weapon in front of him.

"Strange weapon for a Cyberman." The Doctor quipped, "I don't see how they're enemies of anyone?"

"I GAVE YOU WARNING." Vader swung his light-saber, and rather than cut the man down, the blade disappeared. Vader looked at it, and tried to force the energy out.

"Looks like you're having trouble with energy sword?" The Doctor held his Sonic Screwdriver out, the device making a soft whirring noise, and buzzing.

Vader then attempted to force choke the Doctor, but it was as if that strange device-

"I suppose its a good thing I set my Sonic Screwdriver for this Galaxy's settings. The force is a nasty thing, "The Doctor kept talking, "Who're you to attack a woman and child?"

"I AM DARTH VADER. A SITH LORD." He holstered his blade and grabbed the Doctor with his inhuman strength, lifting him with one hand, to eye-level, "OUT OF MY WAY."

"Lord of the Sith, huh?" The Doctor didn't flinch, "Well, I don't know what a sith is, but I'm a Time Lord and they call me The Doctor." He turned on his sonic screwdriver, a beam of light shooting out, and cutting off the robotic arm of Darth Vader, who stumbled back in surprise.

"And sword fights are cool."He raised his Sonic Saber in front of him, as Vader rose from the floor silently, the air crackling with power, and the floor under him buckled from the intense pressure, as his own blade flew to his remaining hand.

"YOU UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE, TIME LORD." Vader's voice shook with rage, as his body radiated red energy, and the hall began to quake.

The Doctor looked over his shoulder, "Psst! Run!"

By Sean Barnes

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