Friday, May 25, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/25/12.

co-op [koh-op]
1. A cooperative store, dwelling, business, program, project, etc.
2. To convert to a cooperative.
3. To make a cooperative arrangement.
4. Video Games. Referring to game play, or a game mode, involving two or more players cooperating to obtain a goal.

EX. My favorite co-operative series is most definitely Valve's Left 4 Dead. I enjoy the co-op first person shooter so much that not only is it my favorite zombie video game, it is my favorite zombie anything. I love the simple fun of trying to work your way from point A, with a group of allies, working to maintain and improve supplies, and ultimately, survive until they reach Point B. The interesting bits come in the points BETWEEN A and B. I love the silly back and forth between characters, though not as much as the player's, the suspenseful moments between sprints of violent action, and, most of all, the moment when all four players come together to succeed over a foe.

For this reason, my friends and I have dressed as Left 4 Dead characters for the Memphis Zombie Walk two years running. We dress as survivors in a parade of zombies! The first year, some of the zombies booed us (all in good fun).

 In the picture above, joined by Dr. Harold Toboggans (Bottom Left), you can see, Steven as Ellis (Top Left), Myself as Coach (Top Middle), Valerie as Zoey (Bottom Middle in Red/White), Justin as Nick (Bottom Middle in Blue), and Zach as Bill (Bottom Right).

This year you can expect to see me swinging my axe and shouting in a baritone as I lead my friends through a horde of zombies.


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