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The first time I saw Jason Chan's artwork, related to this project, was in an io9 concept art writing prompt. This was the first image:

It is a delightful mix of whimsy and horror. I thought it was terrible interesting and the image stuck in my head. Believe it or not, I am not a huge fan of zombies. The exception to my lack of fondness is a co-op zombie series, everyone's favorite zombie fps, Valve's Left 4 Dead. And I gotta admit, the first thing that came to mind with this image was four player co-op. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who got that vibe.

Jason Chan actually came up again, by chance, when I was looking through artwork for Magic: The Gathering. Why? Jason Chan did the card art for the first Mythic Rare I ever purchased, Platinum Angel. I did a quick Google search, found his art blog, and discovered he had done the art for several of my favorite cards, including several of the cards in my Avacyn: Battlescruiser decks.I've been following his blog since then, admiring his awesome video game concept art, as well, and then I saw an article pop-up about Zombie Playground. I was stoked to discover Jason Chan had done the zombie playground art and even more stoked to discover that he was teaming up with Massive Black Inc. to bring us a Zombie Playground videogame.

The title is a kickstarter project. It is planned to be a highly stylized, arcade-style, third-person shooter. The game will be on PC/MAC to start and will be downloadable. The premise is simple: you play as elementary school children who have to survive in a zombie filled school. The game has action rpg elements and will involve a number of characters with unique weapons, skills, and personalities.

These are just a few characters in the concept art.
The game sounds awesome, but it is missing one thing; your support. Zombie Playground is going to need at least 100 K to reach their goal and fund the title. As for this article's writing, it is only a fifth of the way there, and needs your monies. The project has a number of rewards for your support from a small donation getting an early copy of the title for fifteen bucks to the biggest prize being credited as an executive producer and the principal getting modeled after you. But that's not the point.

The point is to make this game a reality. Donate now and see this awesome dream become an awesome title.Imagine what they could do with $1 millon.

Let's kick-start this mother!

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