Thursday, April 5, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 4/5/12.

major-domo [mey-jer-doh-moh]
1. A man in charge of a great household, as that of a sovereign; a chief steward.
2. A steward or butler.
3. A person who makes arrangements for another.

Ex. Batman doesn't use guns. Alfred shot the Predator with a goddamn blunderbuss.

Alfred Pennyworth isn't just Bruce Wayne's butler-- he is also Bruce's best friend, his guardian, his second father figure, his spiritual adviser, his mentor; he is THE major-domo.

(You better believe that Damien'll get his turn)
Every kid wants an Alfred. He would make you breakfast, drive you to school, slip notes into your lunch, right next to your snack pack, reminding you about the Vulcan nerve pinch he taught you to deal with that bully Greg Larson, and, on the ride home, he'd give you advice on how to get that girl, the one with pig-tails, to ask you out to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Why? Because, you'd be the young master of the house and he has sworn his life to the house!

And besides Predator aliens, Alfred has to put up with a lot of insane bulls***. He has been kidnapped by maniac clowns, had to hide Bruce's nightly hobbies from the public, dealt with meta-humans, took Batman's calls from the Justice League, stay up all night sowing kevlar and chainmail into tights, take care of Ace the Batdog, and so much more. Oh and he cleans up Batman's cave lair (all the bat guano!). Alfred doesn't all for Master Bruce with a reliable and unwavering expression that can only be tempered by the occasional smirk at his own sense of humor.

Alfred is the butler. And the butler always did it. It, in this case, being "everything".

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