Thursday, January 5, 2012


celibate [sel-uh-bit]
1. a person who abstains from sexual relations.
2. a person who remains unmarried, especially for religious reasons.
3. observing or pertaining to a religious vow of abstinence or a religious vow not to marry.
4. not married

EX. Apparently, nothing is more exciting or attractive to the most prudish of creatures, the unicorn, than the prospects of being around/seen/interacting with a celibate individual. This can be related to the old folklore that unicorns only appear to virgins. Unicorns are physically disgusted by anyone who has so much as touched another person wee-wee or hoo-ha.

For further reference, watch the forgotten animated classic, The Last Unicorn.

Despite the fact that the above link has one of the most obnoxious, selfish and poorly performed songs in animated film history- The Last Unicorn really is a very interesting film.

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