Thursday, December 18, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 12/18/14! (LoL)

poro ball [pohr-oh-bawl]
1. A poro projectile thrown as part of the summoner spell "poro toss" to deal damage, slow, and apply an effect that allows the thrower to zoom over to the hit target for a short period of time.

EX. I love poros! But I also love poro ball!

(As some have taken to calling the new "Legend of the Poro King" game mode).

Last year, we all celebrated, with childish glee, the Snowdown Showdown mode (I as much as everyone with several articles) and this year Riot pulls out the stops with a new game mode set on Howling Abyss where your summoner spells are replaced by Poro Toss, which allows you to toss poro balls, and To the King, which allows you to pull yourself to the Poro King. What's that? Who's the Poro King?

Oh, well, when your team makes ten contacts with your enemy, you summon the powerful building destroying Poro King! This makes this mode a mad dash to get 10 hits first and then to protect/destroy the king, depending on who controls him, as he makes his merry march towards the enemy Nexus.

I may be biased, because I love poros, but this is a pretty fun game mode. My favorite moment has been getting a quadrakill as Vel'Koz (who is now disabled) by using Poro Toss to hit a Lee Sin, watch him kick to safety, and then pulling to him to kill him and his teammates with a well-placed face-melting ult. Stay tuned for the next couple of days for articles on the Poro ward skins/icons and the new Snowdown 2014 skins (they all include poros in some form)!

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