Friday, June 6, 2014


face-lift [fehys-lift]
1. A plastic surgery on the face for elevating sagging tissues and eliminating wrinkles and other signs of age; rhytidectomy. 
2.  A renovation or restyling, as of a room or building, intended to give an attractive, more up-to-date appearance.
3. To perform a face-lift upon.
4. To renovate or restyle in order to give a fresher, more modern appearance

EX. Just on the heels of Karthus's visual update, Riot Games has released a video showing off the big face-lift for their most core map, Summoner's Rift. 

Dragon (the old version pictured directly above and new at the very top), for example, has gotten a pretty nifty buff to his look, his animations, his environment, and that's just a taste!

As the most central map of the game, where the majority of ranked and professional gameplay takes place, it is exciting to see the future update not only for what it means to the map but to the overall game as a whole. The beautiful thing about League of Legends is how the game has managed to evolve over time, building upon itself, to bring an experience that most PC gamers can enjoy, even without spending an arm or a leg on their rig. It remains to be seen whether this new VU will have a big effect on who can play League in the future, but I have to believe these sorts of updates are calculated to provide an experience everyone can enjoy.

All in all, I'm stoked.

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