Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WORD OF THE DAY! 6/3/14!

racist [rey-sist]
1. A person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others.
2. Of or like racists or racism: racist policies; racist attitudes.

EX. Far Cry 4's cover art has received an onslaught of criticism from social warriors claiming it's racist because it depicts a blond haired white man dominating a dark skinned non-white fellow.

The only problem?

The fellow with blond hair is not white.

Would it really be racist to show a white villain asserting cruel dominance over a person of another race? Not necessarily.

In fact, considering the character is the villain and we're probably supposed to want to stop them or even kill them, it would indicate that racists, like the villain, are bad and should be stopped.

Would we be having this discussion if it were more clear to those that can't see race past hair on their smart phone? Probably not.

(Also, it would be cool if the protagonist wasn't a bland white guy tourist in the wrong place at the wrong time... or at the very least not bland.)

On the other hand, Willy Wonka might be a little racist (maybe).

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