Monday, June 2, 2014


Riot does a lot of really cool things to promote League of Legends. My favorite promotional video is still the Get Jinxed music video, but the idea of a full official League of Legends metal album?

That's pretty damn metal. The Pentakill band is of course named after the League of Legends in-game achievement of getting a "Pentakill" or killing five enemy players in quick succession.

The band was fictionally formed (back in 2011) by guitarist Morderkaiser, laying out licks with his mighty axe, he was quickly joined by Sona, taking on the persona of their hardcore keyboardist, and they eventually formed up with drummer Olaf, laying down beatdowns, bassist Yorick, his deadbeat rhythm that anyone can dig and their lead vocalist Karthus, speaking for the dead and singing for the living.

Their first album is about to hit the net, for free, tomorrow (probably as part of the promotion surrounding the release of Karthus's new VU). If you're a fan of metal, fictional bands, or League of Legends, you should check it out.

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