Monday, January 6, 2014


N64 is/was probably the definite Christmas gift for many kids in the 90's and, honestly, it was a special time in gaming history. The N64 set the bar for 3D platforming with Super Mario 64, the FPS genre with Rare's 007: Golden Eye, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is widely considered one of the best game, if not the best, games of all time. The console also firmly set Nintendo's position going forward; while Sony's Playstation consoles were focused on cutting edge technology and attracted a lot of third party support, Nintendo would hang around thanks to their uniquely Nintendo experience that, while being played on hardware a step behind, included games that couldn't be found on any other console thanks to being a step out of line with the rest of the game industry, often for the better, with offbeat, funny, and experimental titles.

Personally, if not for the janky controller, I think it would be as fondly coveted as it's predecessors the NES & SNES.

I don't have much to say with this one, but I will say I'm kind of said that Snowdown Showdown had to come to a close so early. Much like One for All, Riot has left fans wanting more. It really is a shame that the mode was only available for a limited time. It would be nice if we could at least keep them for Customs but, alas, I understand their desire to not add too many game modes to the game:

Adding more game mods ultimately can ultimately divide a community by replacing a few large well-populated and popular game types with a lot of under-populated and often mediocre game types can lead to the mass extinction of a game community.

Hell, this also illuminated the big problem with the MMO genre, as well as any multiplayer genre, when it comes to over-saturation: big multiplayer games require a large base of subscribers/people buying content to stay afloat because of the costs to first make the game and to continue updating a game designed to keep players interests indefinitely rather than having them stray away. World of Warcraft is the only very successful MMO because, whenever a competing title hits the scene, some players leave WoW but will always ultimately return to the experience populated by their friends and to keep from abandoning all of the work and time they invested into their characters. Until the WoW experience becomes stale to these players or an experience with enough widespread appeal and holding power can hit the market, making any new MMO is inadvisable. Many good game studios have crashed and burned trying to chase that dragon and many more will meet that fate.

Just some thoughts and observations for your perusal. Moving on...

Getting older means appreciating a good poop.

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