Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Let's start with the best bowl of tall grass that I could find in Kanto or, in this case, on the new youtube channel by Ross (of Steam Train (of Game Grumps)) Rubberninja.

The thing that gets me about a lot of these animations coming out on online these days is the level of quality; the animation, writing, and voice acting are so many magnitudes beyond what was possible just a few years ago online and it is all thanks to the collaboration of a network of flash animators and other web entertainers.

The future of animation is online.

Ricepirate joins in the fun with his own top tier Pokémon themed animation that is short, sweet, and right to the point. The point is flips and farts, apparently.

A little weirder, a little less quality, but a little more upcoming are the animations of artists like Cooli Sushi that are a little newer to the scene.

Let's end on an other especially high note with the longest short of the bunch by 2snacks. A Brazillian animator, 2snacks isn't very prolific but has produced some top tier toons and made a name for himself with his Two Best Sisters Play videos that combine audio from the Two Best Friends Play channel and My Little Pony characters to give us something, as I've said before, is perfect for TBFP fans and Bronies alike.

Seriously, it is a good time to be a fan of animation and of Pokémon.

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