Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I can almost always finding a running theme in WTF Wed articles and none are thinner than consonance & alliteration. Nevertheless, I'm still quite pleased with the harvest of hilarious & hair-brained amusements I've already per-perused for your viewing pleasure. First up, posted above, is a perfect parody of the unfortunately neck-bearded nerd who, while otherwise probably a fine fellow, makes the modern faux pas of wearing the rarely pulled-off properly fedora. As per usual with Redminus, this animated video is more than it seems...

The Out of This World series of Game Grumps stands as a testament to Danny & Arin's chemistry and, with the catchphrase too easy not to exploit, they decided to make a one-week only shirt themed around the in-joke from the series. The commercial for the joke doesn't take the route of their previous, though still often funny and demon-possessed, efforts and instead took a film noir approach that has everything; Egoraptor in a dress, Barry as a mustachioed cop, and Danny bothering one of Arin & Suzy's cats.

Lastly, I hope ya'll enjoy this fantastically animated little bit from the Starfox 64 playthru between Jon and Arin. Their chemistry shines in a scene where Arin's love-hate relationship with the fans shine like a dying supernova.

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