Monday, September 16, 2013


Miami Connection is my new favorite b-movie cult classic. Miami, Flordia ca. 1987. A taekwondo themed rock band, Dragon Sound, has just scored an in-house gig at the hottest club in town and are drawing in the young and tasteless by the droves with the martial arts slapstick, ninja-themed lyrics, and the quaffed mullet to end all mullets. What could go wrong?

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The only have three problems. A rival band wants revenge on Dragon Sound for stealing their gig, the band's keyboard player is having trouble reconnecting with a long-lost father, and, if that all wasn't bad enough, a crime ring of ninja bikers wants their bassist's head for dating the younger sister of their second-in-command. This movie is made of the 80's.

It's on Netflix. Go watch it. Now.

I like League of Legends. Here is a League of Legends remix of almost every champion's character select voice-over. I don't have a ton to say about the situation.

Next up, we've got a belated look at the buddha-bellied rap-off between these two big stars that took to the world stage in the last year, Kim Jong-Un and PSY. One is an evil dictator and the other is a beloved entertainer. We've talked a lot of about Kim Jong-Un on this blog through various articles and a little about PSY, but I think we all know enough about these two to enjoy this parody.

Lastly, we've got a haunting and lovely remix from melodysheep. The concept of black holes have always fascinated me; the power & the mystery are unlike any other space phenomena.

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