Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is a frickin' masterpiece. There are many Star Wars mash-ups and there are many Batman mash-ups, but never before have I seen the two married in to such a perfect matrimony of merriment in the form of redubbing scenes from The Return of the Jedi with Mark Hamill's Joker! It's a brilliant, twisted, and multi-layered bit of meta humor to have two of Mark Hamill's characters play off of each other so naturally. It even has a big bonus for fans of the Dark Knight Rises.

I don't we Summoners often give the minions in the League of Legends much thought than what they can do for us and what they can do for our opponents. Yes, the little stream of minions, super and non-super, can take out each other, towers, other champs, etc. but do we ever consider their feelings about being murdered by the hundreds every match? No. Maybe every time a minion gets in a lucky kill or a jungle creep fights of an overeager champ, we should consider the oppressive lifestyle they lead in the Summoner's Rift and on other maps.

One of my favorite animators on youtube, plagueofgripes, has really outdone himself (again) with his latest animated Let's Play of the guys from TWO BEST FRIENDS PLAY! going on a ludicrous and fantastic tangent about the university years of the Predator from the "classic" video game Predator: Concrete Jungle. The animation really elevates the bit from what most of us would imagine to something truly, truly outrageous! Enjoy!

BONUS FUN FACT: The classic and quintessential manga and animated film, Otomo's Akira, predicted Tokyo winning the big for the location of the 2020 Summer Olympics. In fact, the climax of the film takes place in the stadium built for that Olympics. The film hit theaters in 1988.

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  1. *Mark Hamill Joker laugh* Thanks for posting that Emperor Joker voice video, it is absolutely perfect. The line, "There's a tiny little bit of me in you too" is perfect and true.
    Bane's voice in place of Vader's was quite humorous as well, and surprising fitting to the scenes.
    That is intriguing about Akira, as well, I actually just watched the movie last month.