Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/15/13!

contingency [kuhn-tin-jin-see]
1. Dependence on chance or on the fulfillment of a condition; uncertainty; fortuitousness.
2. A chance, accident, or possibility conditional on something uncertain.
3. Something incidental to a thing.
4. A prepared plan for a specific situation.
EX. Literally, any discussion about Batman being up against any super villain, hero, or situation will eventually hit the speed-bump that is the Batman fan's creed that "Batman always has a plan (or something in his utility belt) and, given enough time to prepare, Batman can do anything."
The only problem I see with the contingency plan shown above is that, despite how many times Superman and others have probably thrown pieces of Kryptonite into the Sun,  it has never glowed green or hurt Kal-El (and Batman is probably smaller than the pieces of Kryptonite that have made it into the sun).
Also, if the radiation is doing that to Superman, humans (who have been proven to be vulnerable to continuous or intense exposure to Kryptonite energy) are probably already dead.

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