Monday, May 13, 2013

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/13/13!

maternal bond [muh-tur-nuhl-bawnd]
1. While typically formed between a child and it's mother, it may also occur between a woman and an unrelated child, such as in adoption. Hundreds of factors influence this bond-forming process that builds a connection between mother or mother-figure and child.

EX. First, some apologies; I intended this post for Mother's Day but between the holiday itself, my best friend's birthday, and allergies...I was pretty busy and/or miserable.

Cubone's maternal bond proves that love cannot be broken by death. After his mother's death, Cubone took his mother's skull as a partying gift to protect himself and avoids socializing with other Pokémon, hence it being called the Lonely Pokémon. On the night of a full moon, it's cries are said to especially dreadful since it recognizes its mother in the face of the moon.

I think that story all refers to a specific Cubone in Pokémon Red & Blue, because of the ghost at Lavender Town tower resembling a Marowak exists and sometimes they get lazy in the Pokédex.

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