Wednesday, May 9, 2012



Now, I try not to dip into politics or swing hard at Fox News. After all, there are plenty of other bloggers and comedians that skewer Rupert Murdoch's social experiment in misinformation. The content of this post is hardly about right-side or left-side or even bashing Fox News. It is about a moment in the life of a news anchor.

Watch the video, linked above as "Shepherd Smith Explains It All".

Note, how we begin with Shep giving us a quotation of Mitt Romney's response to Newt Gingrich dropping out of the race for the Republican candidacy. He maintains his composure and the words sink into his brain matter. He processes them, slowly, his tongue flicking across his teeth as he restrains an instinctual response to lift his desk and throw it across the room. Like a small child discovering the birds and the bees after seeing his father and mother do it in the hammock, he is shocked, disgusted, and confused. He stares forward, like a deer in the headlights of an icecream truck. All the while, he maintains his composure, as he speaks, each word falling like a brick and each pause cementing those words to the floor.

His words are profound, universal, and truthful. They are also a little bit WTF.

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