Sunday, May 6, 2012

WORD OF THE DAY! 5/6/12.

gizmo [giz-moh]
1. A gadget or device, usually described by someone who does not know what the tool can do,where it is from, who made it, how reliable it is, and/or whether it is safe.

blathering [blath-er-ing]
1. Foolish talk and/or gossip.
2. Incessantly talking, chattering, and/or mumbling.
3. Insane or psychotic sounding.

EX. Introduced into the classic Disney animated series, Ducktales in 1989, Fenton Crackshell was a literal bean counter. He quit his job at the bean factory and became Scrooge McDuck's accountant after Scrooge discovered Fenton's incredible counting skills. At a glance, he can count any number of objects and even defeated a super computer in a contest of counting ball bearings.

Later in the series, Fenton came across a robot suit called "Gizmoduck" (originally "Roboduck", hence the large "R" embossed on the chest plate) and bonded with the suit after saying the password "blatherskite" by accident, his catchphrase being "blathering blatherskite". Becoming a parody of Robocop and Ironman, he became the hero of Duckburg and personal bodyguard/security agent to Scrooge McDuck, on demand.

The only ones who know that Fentons is "Gizmoduck" are Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack, and Fenton's mother who he lovingly called M'ma. He lives with his mother in a trailer and, on more than one occasion, his mother has accidentally said the password and become Gizmoduck for a short period of time.

Gizmoduck also made several appearance in Darkwing Duck, where he often plays the Superman role to Darkwing's Batman, and the latter sees the other as his rival.

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